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Stafford Community Baptist Church
676 Hope Road
Stafford, Virginia 22554
Reverend Andrew L. Hogan Jr., Pastor
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You who have accepted Christ as your personal savior, and have decided to make this the church of your choice, I greet you in the name of Almighty God.

In order for your service to Almighty God to be totally effective at this branch of Zion, it is of utmost importance that you as a new member of the Stafford Community Baptist Church have indepth knowledge of what this church ministry is all about.

As a new member this training is very important to you. Although you may not be a new member to the Christian church, all Baptist churches do not do all things the same way: therefore, this training will be very useful to your having a detailed understanding of how this church performs its Christian ministry.

It is important that you as a new member, have a very good understanding of four important facts in regards to this church:

  1. Who we are as a church body.
  2. How we function as a church body.
  3. The mission and goals of this church body.
  4. Provision of adequate information to assist you in making, and carrying out your personal commitment to service in this church.
You will be contacted by a member of the new member committee, who will provide you with a copy of the new members' study guide. Study sessions will be arranged according to your evaluated spiritual needs. At the completion of the scheduled study sessions, and baptism (if required), you will be given the right hand of fellowship, and at which time you will become a full-fledged member of the Stafford Community Baptist Church.

Yours In Christ,

Andrew L. Hogan Jr., Pastor


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